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November 22, 2013


Kathleen Hutton

re: a call to arms!

I care so passionately about museums to the point that I cannot or rather will not envision my future without them. But that isn't any good at all. I understand the need and the urgency of identifying the higher calling of my institution.

Far too often, the museum field's sycophantic relationship to wealth and power trumps its attention to the overall community.

We have to flip this!

Allan Palmer

At the heart of museums is public trust...something in great demand and short supply in today's world. Museums rank #2 in a recent survey of most trusted institutions in America, right behind family and far ahead of politicians, journalists, lawyers and bankers. Museums have an incredible opportunity to leverage this high public trust and serve as the honest broker in discussing the importance of public policy, history and possible national outcomes.

Our American way of life may depend on how well we can accomplish this task....

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