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July 17, 2012


Phil Katz at AAM

This tracks with the findings of annual surveys on museums and economic conditions conducted by AAM over the past three years. See the latest one at http://sn.im/acme12.

Leisy Bartumeut

Hi, would it be possible to get more granular data on your survey. Spreadsheet with responses?

James Chung, Reach Advisors

Hi Leisy,
We do use the data rather aggressively as one of the inputs in our strategy and research work for clients, so happy to discuss. The one caveat is that we're unable to turn over the raw data or personal information of respondents since we collect that on a confidential basis in order to get the highest response rate and quality of response possible, at least in our consumer survey work. As you can guess, it's a different ballgame for our predictive analytics work, tying together individual transactional and behavioral data with the attitudinal data collected in the survey work in order to understand the patterns and combinations of patterns that can help model future behavior.

So...long answer that we're unable to release a spreadsheet with responses, but always happy to swap notes with anyone who deploys data to help build a better understanding of how museums can deliver higher impact!

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