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June 29, 2011


Lisa Falk

You are forgetting that there are many households where unmarried adults (single, divorced, gay) are raising children too. You need to figure that number in with your thoughts.

Susie Wilkening, Reach Advisors

Absolutely right, Lisa. About 1 in 3 households with children is not headed by a married couple. They are worthy of their own blog post! But we wanted to focus on married families with children for this post, in order to keep the attention on the main point that they are decreasing as a percentage of households, while also disproportionately represented in family audiences at museums.

That being said, there is another thing to factor in. The number of households with unmarried adults raising children are not rising in large numbers either. The shift is in a dramatic rise in households without children at all ... as we will explore in our next post.

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