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April 13, 2011


Karen Satzman

At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art we are doing just what you've proposed. We have a free membership for kids: Arts for NexGen LACMA. Kids get a membership card and a lanyard to wear it (not many kids have wallets!), free admission, and a range of education programs to participate in. One membership benefit is that the kids can bring one adult guest for free- opening the museum up to a family unit. We've been studying NexGen members and just completed an evaluation of the NexGen program. We are learning that through the free membership attitudes towards museums are changing. A sense of belonging can go a long way!

James Chung, Reach Advisors

Karen, I always love hearing what comes out of LACMA. And the lanyard idea is brilliant. Any chance you're able to swap notes on the NexGen evaluation? We'd love to talk further about that as we try to get our arms around every possible lever to engage children...for life.


Fantastic article and what a brilliant idea. I work in some very family-friendly museums and always say that it is important for children to become interested in museums when they are young and that hopefully they will remain interested for life. This is a brilliant way of doing that!

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