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April 21, 2010


Dani Brown

Very interesting! We have found a different result at our local history museum in Surrey, BC, Canada (pop. 400,000+). Until 2005, we were located in a small, somewhat unattractive building. In 2005 we moved into our brand new, much larger and modern building a few blocks away. In the old building, we did find our audience was the older crowd, but we were surprised to discover as we watched our visitors in the new building that it was generally a much younger, family-oriented group (sorry I don't currently have data). We do offer some great science & learning-based programs, which seem to appeal to all ethnicities (there are over 80 languages spoken in Surrey), and we have a strong partnership with the Vancouver LEGO Club, who create LEGO exhibits for us approximately every other year - hugely popular with all ages. It seems we may be filling a need out here in this suburb of Vancouver - we are closer and much cheaper than a visit to Vancouver's science museum.

Susie Wilkening, Reach Advisors

Thanks for the comment, Dani. I love that you are drawing younger, family-oriented audiences! Of course, not every history-based museum skewed older . . . and not every science museum skews younger. There are variations within each genre (though I will say that pretty much every children's museum skews young!).

Joy Gleason

Thank you so much for having this information. I would like to see an art museum here in our community and this will help paint a picture of who it will attract.


I'm doing a paper on museums and I don't really understand why ethnicity has any relevance with this?

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