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December 16, 2008


Nina Simon

Thanks for sharing these, James. I enjoyed reading them and thinking about the superlative experiences I've had. I think they often occur when you feel like the staff member is in some way breaking a rule to help you--it feels like you are complicit in a wonderful deviance.

James Chung, Reach Advisors

Thanks for your comment, once again! Erica actually pulled the comments for this last post, not me. But I thought this would give me an excuse to weigh in on a few things related to this post:

- I love Nina's term "complicit in wonderful deviance." We've found in our research inside and outside the museum field that there's something really motivating for some particular segments to feel as if they were an 'insider' for the moment. But I think Nina's phrase makes that sentiment even more powerful.

- Also from our customer satisfaction research outside the museum field, we find that an amazing lever is a great service recovery plan, as mentioned in this post. When something goes wrong in the consumer's eyes, it really pays off to have a well-thought-out service recovery plan in place since those recipients often turn into your biggest fans and carriers of positive word-of-mouth. That's far better than having them be vocal detractors.

- Also note that there are a ton of things that can be done to improve the feeling that staff cares that aren't solely labor intensive! To cover a broader range of topics dealing with improving this issue, I've invited one of the nation's customer service gurus to join us for our next Museum Conversation conference call coming up in mid-January. (For readers who don't get announcements for these events automatically, we send them out as part of our weekly blog postings or our (almost) monthly e-newsletter, so be sure to subscribe!).

And Nina, we'll count on you to come up with more thoughts on complicity in wonderful deviance!

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