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February 15, 2008


Paul Orselli

In the original article, I liked the mention of the elected official in Minnesota who wanted to mandate that all public restrooms had doors that opened "out" without handles, so you could leave by nudging the door open with a shoulder or foot.


For more help in creating a special washroom space for customers, visit www.skiptotheloo.com


There's a great website that discusses the coolest bathrooms - http://www.thebathroomdiaries.com/ - and cleanliness is one of the determining the factors in the rating.

We also have a museum-wide policy of bathroom checks - everyone from the director to volunteers to full time and part time staff checks the bathrooms and helps keep them clean. We are constantly receiving comments from guests on the cleanliness of our bathrooms.

Sally Johnstone, Reach Advisors


Although you didn’t identify your museum, I work for Reach Advisors and noticed your email address that doesn’t show up in the public post. I used to live in your town and visit your museum frequently. I can attest that...
• Your bathrooms are great – not only super-clean but decorated in an entertaining way that connects with your museum’s exhibits. I saw them all, frequently on the same visit when we were potty-training.
• The Purell dispensers, especially the one near the water boat exhibit, were very much appreciated by this mom of a toddler.
• It’s been almost a year, but we still talk about the Paint Room. Sometimes, messy is good!
• In the work that our firm does for other types of community-driven enterprises such as tourist destinations, we see the importance of bathroom cleanliness show up in guest satisfaction, repeat visitation and even word-of-mouth.
• Bathroom cleanliness (and convenience – at one resort the little trash can in the stalls in the ladies room was mounted at standing shoulder height. Obviously installed by a man.) really registers as an issue at destinations that focus on women or moms.

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